Terminal Container Ravenna

Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) is Contship special port for special products: TCR strength lies in this comprehensive range of value-added services, designed to meet all supply chain needs, providing dedicated facilities and know-how, with the added benefit of all being provided on-site, from within the terminal area.

Value Added Services available at TCR include perishable & fresh products logistics, cargo consolidation and lashing, container stuffing and unstuffing, standard and reefer container maintenance and repair, IMO goods handling and stocking, RO-RO operations support and Project Cargo management.


Terminal Container Ravenna: the FASTEST Link to East Med and beyond!


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670 m
Water depth
11.5 m
Yard area
250,000 sqm
Yard capacity
13,500 TEUs
Handling capacity
380,000 TEUs per year
Quay Cranes
4 Gantry Cranes (up to 18 rows)
1 Mobile Crane
Yard equipment
7 Reach Stackers
8 Front Loaders
5 RMG Cranes
Reefer plugs
Rail tracks
5x420 m
Shift hours
06.30 - 13.00
13.00 - 19.30
19.30 - 01.00
01.00 - 06.30
Gate rail
24 / 7
Gate truck
MON-FRI 07.00-19.30
SAT 07.00-12.30