Rail Hub Milano RMG cranes ready to begin commercial operations

The two new RMG cranes, arrived in February at Rail Hub Milano, are now ready to start commercial operations.


After the arrival in February and the on-site assembly, all tests have been completed on the new equipment, while the operational training continues for the crane operators, eager to get into action on the new pink giants, expected to become fully operative from September.

Those who had the opportunity to climb onto the new cranes ensure that the view from up there is impressive: even if they are not as high as the huge Ship-to-Shore cranes of the Group maritime terminals, to ride the new RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry) cranes you need steady nerves and a level head. From the cabin, you can see the whole of Melzo intermodal platform, from the customs building, where the Sogemar staff work, to the shunting area, from the internal warehouses to the truck gate and far beyond, until the Alps, clearly visible on sunny days.

The new cranes represent an important step forward in the development program of RHM intermodal platform, which will make the Contship system even more productive, efficient, responsive and flexible, further improving the responsiveness to the needs of the rail customers. "With the new equipment superior performance, we will be able to provide even more value to our customers’ supply chain, allowing them to respect their schedule, and in some cases to recover time, using RHM as a buffer between the different elements that compose their supply chain" comments Alessandro Posa, RHM Terminal Manager.

During some tests, carried out along the new 750 metres tracks, where the RMGs operate, we asked the operator in training to wear a small camera: hop on board to see how much care and attention is needed to handle containers, using this oversized equipment!





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