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Cresce il numero di scali inaugurali a Cagliari

As we progress through the final stint of the spring season, maiden calls at Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) continue, on this occasion the Livorno Express, on May 13th. 


Now deployed in the Mediterranean Canada Express service (MCA) – linking Cagliari to Montreal – the m/v Livorno Express phased-in at CICT, replacing the smaller Stadt Dresden, in turn phased into another string.

As it is now happening with other services calling the Sardinian hub, the MCA service is undergoing a capacity upgrade with the introduction of a larger ships in the fleet. The Livorno Express is operated by German operator Hapag Lloyd A.G. and is commanded by Captain Prabjot Singh Sohal, pictured together with CICT ship planner Andrea Pontis who presented the former with the customized crest, a memento for the maiden call in Cagliari. The ship was cleared for departure the same day.



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