Hannibal increases the frequency of the Melzo-Padua rail service

Hannibal, Contship MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) is glad to announce a sixth weekly rail connection between Melzo and Padua.


Hannibal value proposition grows further with the increase of the rail service frequency on the Melzo-Padua route. The number of weekly connections, serving the industrial and consumer markets of Lombardia and Veneto, goes from five to six.

Despite the fact that the railway Milan-Venice is among the best rail infrastructure available in Italy (allowing the use of 600 meters long trains, with loading capacity up to 1600 tonnes/train and extended P 400 profile capacity) Hannibal decided to further provide customers, from the first week of February, with improved rail service frequency to satisfy the increasing demand along one of the most valuable logistic corridor in Italy.

Such improvement demonstrates the commitment and resources dedicated to rail freight operations, for a fast, reliable and efficient access to Southern European markets (thanks to continental rail connectivity) and global networks (through the Group gateway ports of La Spezia and Ravenna).

Stefano Antonini, General Manager - Samskip Multimodal and Hannibal long term customer, comments: “Samskip relies on Hannibal intermodal services to efficiently move cargo between the Italian region of Veneto and Northern Europe, leveraging on Rail Hub Milano (RHM) domestic and international connectivity. This new connection enhances further the service frequency, providing even more flexibility to us, in deed a welcome news.” 



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