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Two brand new Reach Stackers delivered to Rail Hub Milano's Yard

Change is in the air at CICT Terminal: from the 1st of February two new Reach Stackers Ferrari CVS F500 will become part of the yard equipment. 


The equipment features a new design, a more comfortable seating position and a new layout of the controls. After testing the vehicles CICT operators noticed many improvements: increased visibility operator, improved ergonomics, enhanced security - given by the new control system with redundant CAN BUS logic - and lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, thanks to their new engine, that meets the EU Stage 3B requirements.

These reach stackers are marketed as the “King” of the yard and offer state of the art Ferrari technology … we bet our CICT drivers will be lining up to drive them!

Emilio Murru, CICT Reach Stacker driving instructor, comments: “The vehicle is much more sophisticated, with many sensors and other equipment that make it much more powerful and comfortable. A deeper understanding of the hydraulic and electrical installations, the engine and the transmission is required, in addition to a knowledge (which is now mandatory) in the field of electronics for interfacing with the various control units. The arrival of this new equipment is both a welcome news and an interesting challenge to deal with!”




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