La Spezia greets the maiden call of UASC Malik Al-Ashtar

The deployment of the Malik Al-Ashtar in the AMC1 string is part of a service upgrade program which is expected to deliver a fleet of 13,000 – 15,000 TEUs capacity ULCCs. 


On January 8th 2015, La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) welcomed the on time arrival of Malik Al-Ashtar, a 13,300 TEUs ULCC operated by United Arab Shipping Company SAG (UASC) in the Asia Med AMC 1 service.

The ship is named after a very important figure in Muslim history. Malik Al-Ashtar was one of the most loyal companions of the cousin of the Islamic prophet Muhammad with whom he fought crucial battles around the 7th century.

Following tradition, Captain Ahmed Hamza Shahata and Chief Officer Mohamed A. Bary were presented with the customized crest by Andrea Gatti of the LSCT planners team. M/v Malik Al-Ashtar departed from La Spezia ahead of schedule having achieved a positive gross ship performance of 85.6 moves per hour. 



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