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TCR continua con gli investimenti nell'equipment

Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) finalizes the order of 3 brand new Rail Mounted Gantry cranes.


Following on from the 8 million Euro quay equipment investment program carried out in 2014, with the upgrade of two STS cranes to the post-panamax standard, Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) has now drawn its attention to improving yard capacity, finalizing the order of 3 brand new Rail Mounted Gantry cranes.

The 3 new RMGs – to be manufactured by Liebherr Cranes and scheduled for delivery by the end of 2016 – will provide TCR with both a replacement of old yard equipment and an increase in yard and rail handling capacity. Currently, the terminal is equipped with four RMGs, three of which dedicated to yard activities and one to rail operations.

Upon entry into service of the three new cranes, TCR will dismiss two of the older RMGs, whilst the other 2 will enter a revamping program after which they will be assigned to train load/discharge operations, by all means doubling the number of resources available to rail activities.

The 2015 RMGs (capable of operating on a 15 row wide surface and 5+1 tiers in height) will increase the yard capacity of about 34% by widening the current operational area of one row across and increasing it in height by 1 tier.

“The additional 10 million euro investment in yard equipment modernization is a sign – comments Milena Fico (TCR Director & General Manager) - of the support of our shareholder, namely Sapir and Contship Italia, for the development of our terminal. Improving our yard and rail capacity will in turn increase the level of service TCR can offer to its valued customers”.

“TCR Ravenna – continues Milena – wants to confirm its current role as Adriatic Italian gateway for East Med and beyond also for the future. In particular, the improvement in rail capacity will boost the possibility to further extend Ravenna’s intermodal connectivity, which provides a competitive advantage for access to North Italian and South European markets”. 



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