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Record di produttività a Gioia Tauro

Performance levels at Contship' maritime terminals continue to be stretched in support of our valued customers.

During the first AM1 service call in Gioia Tauro, a record performance was achieved by Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) on m/v MSC Bettina.

Berth operations involved over 5,000 moves and during the third shift of February 17th on crane 19, our MCT team handled 237 container in just 5.5 hours for a Gross Crane Productivity (GCP) of 43 moves/h.

Domenico Bagalà, MCT Managing Director commented: "Transhipment hubs in the Mediterranean sea are operating in an extremely aggressive market where every single result can make the difference. In this context, flexibility and the level of service of a terminal are critical success factors. Excellent performance rsults like the one on the MSC Bettina go in the right direction. Obviously I take this opportunity to thank our productivity champions". 


In the picture overnight operations on MSC Bettina!


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