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Il Sistema La Spezia decolla!

The year 2015 now sees an increased number of weekly trains being handled by the La Spezia System.

Driven by increased demand, there are additional weekly trains to Rubiera (Modena), Padua, Dinazzano (Reggio Emilia), Cavatigozzi (Cremona), Bologna, Verona, Brescia and Rivalta (Alessandria), as well as having increased the number of connections to and from the industrial area of Milan, home to Contship's rail hub in Melzo.

With a total of 171 trains on a weekly basis, the La Spezia System provides an unparalleled opportunity for the efficient handling of supply chain needs.

With 4 Asia – Mediterranean strings and 3 Med – USA strings weekly, as well as other global and regional connections calling at La Spezia Container Terminal, trains are integrated into the La Spezia System on a daily basis, providing Efficient, Effective and Eco-Friendly links to and from markets in North, Central Italy, Southern Europe and beyond.

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