Humanitarian aid departing from CICT

For the second successive year humanitarian aid is being provided by the island of Sardinia, with CICT playing its role.

The Dominican Youth Centre, based in Cagliari, has organized charitable donations of much needed medical supplies and basic clothing that was stuffed into a container in the terminal. This important cargo was subsequently loaded on board the m/v Santa Ricarda, bound for Cartagena, Columbia.  The ship is deployed by the global shipping line, Hamburg Sued, a long term customer of the terminal, in the Med-Pacific Service, linking the Mediterranean with Caribbean destinations, Central America and West Coast North America and South America.

The container is scheduled to arrive in the port of Cartagena on March 25th and will continue its journey to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala, for further on-carriage to the country’s capital, Guatemala City, where it will be distributed to the needy citizens of several locations, deep in the heart of the country, by a local charitable organization “CARITAS”.

Daniele Testi, Manager Communications and Corporate Image, Contship Italia Group comments: ”Our Group is committed to social responsibility initiatives. We live in a privileged environment and we fully recognize that not all of the world’s population is enjoying the same privileges. This initiative by CICT, supported by our valued partners, Hamburg Sued and Cincotta Feeder Ferry who have come together in a very tangible way by offering their services, without charge. One of many by our Group, enabled by the extensive global connections in each of our marine terminals, as well as domestically in Italy via our logistics business unit. We hope that this modest contribution will be of assistance in supporting the lives of those in need.”


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