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RHM accoglie ALPIN e il nuovo sistema Cargobeamer

Rail Hub Milano, Contship Italia Group's growing logistics platform in Melzo welcomed the first train of the new ALPIN service, capable of transporting semitrailers up to 4 meters in height via the Gotthard tunnel.

The first train, composed entirely of special “CargoBeamer” wagons, originating from Cologne, arrived in Melzo Tuesday April 15th. Every week there will be three round trip connections, equipped with 28 special wagons each that can load any type of trailer. The service will connect Cologne with Melzo 3 days a week with departure from Italy on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday; transit time is 20 hours.

Giacomo Senn, RHM Manager, commented: "This is a value added development for Rail Hub Milano: this new service combines two very special features, because it allows the transport of semi-trailers (4 meters high) on the Gotthard corridor, which is not normally permitted, and can further load all kinds of semitrailers, that is also not normally possible". 


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