Contship Terminal in La Spezia, LSCT: Silver Sponsor of BiLog Logistics and Maritime Forum

This year’s driving topics was “The Sustainable, connected and resilient road to 2030”. LSCT was present at the forums to discuss the challenges that lie ahead in the world of container transport and logistics, with a keynote entitled “Italian Gateway. Playing local or international?”.


BiLog hosted more than 5 round tables and over 50 industry professionals to discuss topics that concern the future of logistics – from competitive strategies that must involve sustainability, to digitalization, last mile and e-logistics.

Daniele Testi, Marketing and Communications Director of Contship Italia Group held a speech on internationalization of Italian gateways, the advantages of the Southern gateway for reaching markets in central and southern Europe and to reduce risk caused by possible congestions or service interruptions.

With the aim of promoting supply chain resilience and risk reduction to bring goods over the alps, a Contship Italia delegation will promote the La Spezia Container Terminal during a commercial roadshow that will take place from 21st of October to the 1st of November.


  • Contship Asia Road Show 2019

    意大利康世集团展开第五届亚洲巡回路演 首尔和上海的托运人对南方门户替代方案的关注度提高

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