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New feature for the Connectivity Tool: intermodal quotation request feature

The Contship Connectivity Tool continues to grow and develop with new data and features, to help and support users in finding the best intermodal solution for their needs and then, to easily submit a request for a customized quotation.


The Connectivity Tool was first launched at the end of 2016, to showcase the Contship Group network and the integration between intermodal transport services available through Hannibal, Contship’s multimodal transport operator and maritime services, offered by the global shipping Lines calling at Contship terminals.


Contship Connectivity Tool


Browse and select the right service for your supply-chain

After the initial selection between Sea and Rail connectivity, the user can filter available services according to three different requirements:


By selecting a Contship terminal, the system will display all available maritime and intermodal services. After selecting a region, the user can explore in detail all options e.g. comparing maritime transit-times or weekly rail frequencies.  


Having selected a maritime trade-route or a specific region, the user can see which services are connected with each Contship terminal.

Contship Connectivity Tool


Finally, selecting a specific port or inland terminal, the user can display all available connections between locations. Once a route has been identified the system will display all services.

Contship Connectivity Tool - Connections between locations



Service details (maritime and intermodal)

Once a service of interest has been selected, the user can easily browse the relevant pages, to find valuable information and facilitate the transport planning process.

For maritime services operated by the global shipping lines calling Contship terminals, the user will see the names of each loop displayed, port rotation map, the names of carriers offering the specific service and frequency of the call. When departure and arrival ports are specified, the system will display transit-times (inbound and outbound).

Contship Connectivity Tool -


For intermodal services, weekly connections in each direction are displayed as well as train closing times and availability at destination. For Hannibal services, (Contship’s MTO) contacts of sales and operations staff are included for any customer enquiries or requirements.



Intermodal quotation request

From the beginning of this year, customers interested in receiving a quotation for intermodal services can now access a new feature that provides the opportunity to structure and send a request for any intermodal transport quotation. By selecting the route of interest, the nature, type, size and weight of cargo, users can quickly and easily receive a detailed customized quotation.


Intermodal quotation request

The new system represent an important step forward in the digitalization process that Contship Italia is undertaking. Your feedback is therefore extremely valuable for us and we invite you to try out the new tool and send any comments and suggestions to:



Get your personalized offer



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