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CICT: un servizio a vero valore aggiunto per i clienti ed i loro network

As the New Year unfolds, Contship’s Sardinian hub, Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) continues to provide value to its customer networks with reliable, on-time and flexible service


Over the years, Cagliari Container Terminal has strengthened its reputation as the partner of choice when it comes to performing dedicated operations and safeguarding network integrity: phase-in and phase-out activities require an additional level of care that CICT has developed with an extensive number of successful operations, most of which were performed just-in-time, involving the live exchange of containers between ships simultaneously at the berth.

Already in 2018 the Contship Cagliari team has completed a series of phase-in/phase-out operations involving ships deployed in the Mediterranean Pacific Service (MPS) operated by Hapag-Lloyd, connecting Sardinia and the Med to the US West Coast and Central America. By the end of January, Cagliari International Container Terminal will have performed another two operations in the same service.

The ships involved (all deployed by Hapag Lloyd) are the Halifax Express (capacity 4,890 teu, phasing-out), the Santa Regula (capacity 4,920 teu, phasing-out), the Kobe Express (capacity 4,610 teu, phasing-in) and finally her sister ship, the Dusseldorf Express (capacity 4,610 teu phasing-out), although the Halifax Express is planned to ‘return to duty’ on January 28th.

Leandro Ferrari, Operations and Customer Service Manager at Cagliari International Container Terminal, commented “…it is not only a matter for CICT of having an international network with services connecting to the American Continent, North Europe, the East and West Med destinations. It also has to do with an ideal maritime location at the heart of the Mediterranean basin which makes it an attractive hub-port to perform this kind of activity“.


To know more about Cagliari International Container Terminal, check out the Connectivity Tool: 

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