Contship chiude a Taipei il Road Show 2017 in Asia | Contship | Chinese

Contship chiude a Taipei il Road Show 2017 in Asia

Italy’s leading gateway container terminal in La Spezia, operated by the Contship Italia Group, has just completed a successful tour of major cargo hubs in mainland China and Taiwan. 


The delegation, led by Daniele Testi, Marketing Director of Contship Italia Group, began in Shanghai followed by Dalian and Shenzhen and concluded in Taipei. On this tour, Contship wanted to specifically visit these four cities as they are important centers in the emerging global supply chain markets.

The senior Contship delegation held meetings with key stakeholders as well as hosting information seminars and a dinner in which the benefits of Contship’s La Spezia Container Terminal as the Southern Gateway Alternative, were highlighted to forwarders, shippers and Lines.

Daniele Testi said: “We are honored and absolutely delighted to receive such a warm reception from more than 150 supply chain professionals in China and Taipei. We highlighted the alternative opportunities of delivering cargo via La Spezia Container Terminal as the gateway port to enter into Italy, Southern and Central Europe.”

In addition, the tour also emphasized the rail and truck capabilities provided by the Contship Italia Group as an important service offering to fulfil the “Port to Door” one-stop solution for the delivery of cargo from Asia to Europe.

Peter Hill, Commercial Director of Contship Italia Group said: “I believe more forwarders and shippers now know we are more than just a container terminal and we are confident in our capabilities to offer holistic supply chain solutions from the moment cargo is unloaded at our container terminal, offering a fully paperless custom process as well as integrated rail services and last-mile delivery by trucks to the end users. The responses we received are very encouraging and we are now planning for another tour in Asia next year to further develop and grow the business relationships we have established. We understand the Asia market will continue to be the engine for world growth in the foreseeable future and so the major markets there will always be a priority for Contship.”


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