Contship launches a series of Webinars: kick-off on April 19th with a focus on Fast Corridors

Contship launched a new communication project: a series of webinars, conceived to showcase in detail the different integrated transport and logistics solutions provided by the Contship Italia Group companies.


The first webinar took place on April 19th and has been held in Italian; the focus of the first session have been the Fast Corridors, intangible infrastructures conceived to facilitate the import process, moving the customs procedures from the port of entry, to the next inland logistic node.

The host of the session has been Stefano Morelli, Contship Customs and Warehouse Director and President of the Customs Commission of Assologistica; with him, we discussed the main scope and benefits of the Fast Customs, we discovered more about the Fast Corridors currently available in Italy, learned more about the process which is enabling this innovation, and understood better which are the customers who could benefit most from their adoption and how they can do to start using them, to make their logistic processes more lean and efficient, reducing timing and costing related to unexpected idle time at the port, moving customs procedures from the maritime terminal, to the following inland logistic hub.


Here you can view the session video:





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