I ragazzi dell’IFTS di Ravenna in visita didattica al La Spezia Container Terminal | Contship | Chinese

I ragazzi dell’IFTS di Ravenna in visita didattica al La Spezia Container Terminal

Students from Ravenna’s– IFTS course “Technical High School for production planning and logistics” visited LSCT (La Spezia Container Terminal) on Thursday 30th March 2017.


The students came to the Terminal for a training day that took them also to the Interport of Parma and Barilla. They participated in a day of meetings with the main workers of the Contship Terminal.  Particular attention was given to the port railway system, for which LSCT offers unmatched performance in Italy: here the percentage of volumes routed via rail has reached at the end of 2016 values above 31% of total volumes, more than three times the national average. A result made possible by vertical integration and industrial mindset beyond the organization of rail shunting operations, managed in La Spezia by LSSR – La Spezia Shunting  Railways, a company participated by Contship Italia.

This is not the first time that LSCT has had student visitors at the Terminal:  the voices of its professionals are often available to young trainees from different locations; since two years ago, the Company participates in the ministerial project Alternating School-Work with structured training lessons, substantiating its commitment towards the community and for the education and training of today’s and tomorrow’s professionals.



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