13 Febbraio 2017

Contship a Piacenza per BiLOG, la Biennale della Logistica

Mercoledì 15 e Giovedì 16 Febbraio Contship sarà a Piacenza per partecipare a BiLOG - Logistics and Maritime Forum.


BiLOG is the brainchild of La Spezia Port Authority and Piacenza Expo, a special occasion to discuss on logistics and transport topics with a European spin. The Forum will analyze both the regional and European dimension, giving the possibility to improve the knowledge about EU Transport Policy and EU investments on transport and maritime sector, highlighting the importance of the cohesion between all the players of the logistics chain.

The conference will feature high-profile speakers, international case histories and institutional representatives; the expo area will provide participants with the opportunity to showcase their innovative services and products, the dedicated networking spaces will help visitors make the most of their visit al BiLOG, meeting future partners and customers, while the workshop activities will offer visibility over the latest trends in the logistics and maritime sectors and insights about EU Policy and Funding.

Contship will be represented by Sebastiano Grasso (Managing Director, Business Services) and Franco Cupolo (Managing Director, Operations & Sales), and will maintain a permanent presence at the event with a contact desk, where you are welcome. Come visit for more info about Contship maritime terminals and intermodal logistics.


The event will take place at Piacenza Expo, Via Tirotti 11 – Frazione Le Mose – Piacenza.

Further info available at www.bilog.it


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