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Rail Hub Milano


Rail Hub Milano is a privately-owned intermodal terminal, managed by Contship Italia Group, a comprehensive logistic platform dedicated to the handling and intermodal transfer of unitized loads.

Here, customers can find one-stop-shop solutions, to achieve total supply chain control through intelligent integration of road and rail transport services.

RHM facilities include 4.400 sqm of bonded and national warehouses, a dedicated service center for train and truck drivers to make operations even more flexible, scalable and fast.

RHM role, within the Contship network, is to operate as a hinge between maritime connections, to and from some of the main Italian ports, and continental connections, both national and international.

The private ownership implies the continuous pursuit of operational efficiency, with a goal to efficiently serve both the Group’s trains as well as third party trains, providing a customer-oriented service.



RHM Intermodal Connections



The main services offered by Rail Hub Milano include the handling of intermodal cargo units, which can be transferred from rail wagon to rail wagon, following a hub logic, which uses multiple rail services to provide the transport service. The cargo units can also be moved from road to rail and vice-versa, making combined transport possible and concentrating the use of trucks on the first and last-mile segments of the transport chain.

To support modal shift and first mile/last mile truck service, RHM also offers warehousing and temporary storage services, dedicated to cargoes which are not immediately routed to their final destination or are required to transfer from container to truck trailer before being delivered.



RHM Location



RHM is also an authorized customs operator and can assist customers to perform customs duties and customs inspections. The dual identity of customs and terminal operator allows RHM to optimize activities, that are conducted within the terminal area. By avoiding extra costs related to customs activities, RHM is able to improve reliability and the flow of the operations and guarantees the respect of customers’ schedules and procedures.

Rail Hub Milano is one of the main container depots in Northern Italy. Equipped with a large yard area, customers can use RHM as a unit storage hub, optimize pickups and deliveries utilization, and their unique positioning within the network of intermodal hubs connected with Melzo.

Railway companies can also find in Rail Hub a Bombardier workshop, dedicated to the maintenance and repair of locomotors, as well as rooms and a canteen for drivers. 



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Rail tracks
4 x 750 m
3 x 550 m
12 x 600 m (shunting)
Yard Area
300,000 sqm
Handling capacity
300,000 TEUs per year
Yard equipment
2 RMG Cranes
11 Reach Stacker
(Full containers)
2 Reach Stacker
1 Front Loader
(Empty containers)
Gate truck
MON-FRI 05:00 - 22.00
SAT 06:00 - 12:00
Sunday on request
8,100 sqm
M&R workshops
1,540 sqm
Block trains