Medcenter Container Terminal

Medcenter Container Terminal is, since 1995, Contship Transhipment Hub in Gioia Tauro: a Mega-port with super equipment, 3.4 km of linear quay, and water depth reaching -18 m chart datum, ready to receive and operate on the largest ULCCs that call at Mediterranean ports.

Transhipment operations at MCT are regularly performed on 3 mega vessels simultaneously, often with direct Mother-Feeder transfer, ensuring high productivity and absolute reliability, both crucial to manage effectively the 1,500 calls performed every year, corresponding to more than 4 ships berthing at MCT, each and every day, and more than 50 millions TEUs, handled since the beginning of operations, in September 1995.

Complementing the long established transhipment activity, MCT continues to strengthen its inland connectivity, and thus its role as regional gateway port for southern Italy.


Medcenter Container Terminal: your MEGA-Hub in the Mediterranean!


3.391 m
Water depth
Up to 18 m
Yard area
1,600,000 sqm
Yard capacity
75,000 TEUs
Handling capacity
4.2 million TEUs per year
Quay Cranes
22 STS Cranes (23rd row)
1 Harbour Mobile Crane
Yard equipment
100 Straddle Carrier
12 Reach Stackers
12 Multitrailers
Reefer plugs
Shift hours
Gate rail
24 / 7
Gate truck
MON-FRI 07.00-19.00
SAT 07.00-13.00