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La Spezia Container Terminal

LSCT is Contship’s regional Gateway Container Terminal in La Spezia, since 1987: evolving as a modern infrastructure with a long tradition of success, ready to accommodate the latest generation of container carriers, and handling a record for Italy of more than 30% of its throughput via rail, with more to come.

La Spezia Container Terminal is your direct connection to global markets overseas, the ideal gateway for central and northern Italy, and an increasingly smart option for southern Europe, using Hannibal European rail network as a launch pad from Rail Hub Milano, enabling fast and seamless cargo transfer, by rail and/or truck.

LSCT sustains continuous investment programs in infrastructure, equipment and human resources to deliver teamwork excellence and state-of-the-art technological solutions, all at your service, 24/7.


La Spezia Container Terminal: Ready for the future, Now!


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986 m (full containers)
1390 m (general cargo & containers)
Water depth
15 m
Yard area
291,000 sqm main
(berths and roads)
162,000 sqm
(general cargo & containers)
52,000 sqm
(external off-dock)
Yard capacity
28,000 TEUs
7,500 Ground Slots
Handling capacity
1.4 million TEUs per year
Quay Cranes
11 Gantry Cranes (up to 23 rows)
4 Mobile Cranes (up to 150 tons)
Yard equipment
27 Reach Stackers
8 RMG Cranes
12 RTG Cranes
Reefer plugs
Rail tracks
9 Tracks - Total length 2820 m
Shift hours
Gate rail
24 / 7
Gate truck
MON-FRI 07.00-01.00
SAT 01.00-13.00