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Eurogate Tanger

Eurogate Tanger container terminal is the second container terminal (TC2) established within the Tanger Med I port area, an important container transshipment hub in the west of the Mediterranean, geo-strategically located on the Strait of Gibraltar, within a free trade zone east of the city of Tangier. In addition to its role as a strategic platform of container transshipment on East/West (Asia/Europe) and North/South (Europe/Africa) routes, Tanger Med I plays today an essential role in terms of connecting and promoting the development of (Import/Export) traffic in Morocco.

Eurogate Tanger container terminal started operations in 2008; with a quay length of 810 m, a terminal area of 370,000 m² and a water depth of 18 m, 8 Super Post Panamax (23 rows) gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 65t, 23 RTG’s, 45 terminal tractors, 6 reach stackers, 3 empty handlers, and a mobile crane, the facility is well-equipped to handle the new generation of container ships, performing on international standard levels of productivity that ensures operations 24h/365d. Eurogate Tanger throughput in 2019 was above 1,5 million TEUs.

Contship Italia is one of the shareholders of Eurogate Tanger with 20% of shares.


Eurogate Tanger: handling the LARGEST ships!


812 m
Water depth
18 m
Yard area
370,000 sqm
Handling capacity
1.5 million TEUs per year
Quay Cranes
8 Gantry Cranes (up to 23 rows)
1 Mobile Crane (up to 100 tons)
Yard equipment
6 Reach Stackers (full containers)
23 RTG Cranes
1 Front Loader (empty containers)
Reefer plugs