Cagliari International Container Terminal

Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) is, since 2003, Contship Sardinian transhipment hub, dedicated to large scale hub and spoke and relay operations. CICT is also acting as the regional gateway port of Regione Sardegna, as well as the extended homeport for North Africa economies. The multi-faceted role is under-pinned by the flexibility of its approach, the efficiency of its processes, and the opportunities for further development, with more than 900,000 sqm available for growth both in terminal infrastructure and other industrial and logistic infrastructure.

On a global scale, CICT offers high connectivity with the main international trades, whilste for domestic import and export flows creating a competitive distribution centre for the whole Mediterranean basin, and a direct link between Sardinian and global markets.CICT strategic positioning and innovative technological approach, also meets on-demand and just-in-time operations that provide substantial supply chain advantages for shippers and receivers.


Cagliari International Container Terminal : the Centre, at Your Service!


1,520 m
Water depth
16 m
Yard area
400,000 sqm
Yard capacity
24,000 TEUs
Handling capacity
1.3 million TEUs per year
Quay Cranes
7 STS Cranes (18th row)
1 Harbour Mobile Crane
Yard equipment
17 RTG Cranes
6 Reach Stackers
9 Front Loaders
30 Trucks
32 Trailers
Reefer plugs
Shift hours
Gate truck
MON-FRI 07.00-19.00
SAT 07.00-13.00