27 May 2019

XIV Edition of the Contship Diary

As the school summer break arrives, it’s time for the new edition of the Contship Diary. The Diary will be distributed to primary schools that have joined the Porto Lab project and that have visited the Contship Italia Group maritime and intermodal terminals. The new diary will be in the hands of students during the summer, ready for next september - when the new school year will begin.


The new Diary, which marks its fourteenth edition, celebrates two anniversaries this year: 50 years ago Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon; on the same year, 1969, another man, Angelo Ravano, was embarking the first containers on a ship, and Contship was born.

Reading the 2019-2020 edition of the Contship Diary, kids will embark on a journey to discover the surprising challenges that make up the world of intermodal logistics, and space exploration.

Since 2006 Contship, with the Porto Lab project and the Contship Diary, provides students and teachers original tools to explore the world through the lens of logistics, stimulating matephors and comparisons between multiple fields of human knowledge: from geography to history, from food to... space!

“It’s always a surprise, even for us – comments Daniele Testi, Contship Italia Marketing & Communications Director – how the Diary improves itself every year: the parallelism between Contship's fifty years anniversary and the half century jubilee of the moon landing was the occasion to create something unique once again, with a captivating design and a lot of new, stimulating and engaging educational contents. Ports and intermodal hubs will become open air labs, playgrounds for original educational programs, developed through a multidisciplinary collaboration and the support of Tutors and professionals involved in the project. This is the uniqueness of the Porto Lab project”.




The Contship Diary is part of the Porto Lab project, developed by the Contship Italia Group in partnership with Gruppo Grendi, Gruppo Bedeschi, Kuenz, SKF Logistics Italy, Brieda Cabins, Sapir and with the collaboration of Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sardegna, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Adriatico Centrale, INAIL La Spezia and INAIL Sardegna.

The Contship Italia Group distributed, since 2006, more than 140.000 diaries and welcomed, during the Porto Lab days over 25.000 kids from more than 100 schools, from all over Italy.

For more information: www.portolab.it


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