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18 September 2015

RHM in Melzo welcomes a new rail connections with Nola (Naples)

RHM is pleased to announce the commencement of a new rail connection between Melzo (Milan), and Interporto Campania, widely recognised as ”NOLA,” being ideally located to connecting the distribution centres serving the Campania manufacturing and processing region of Southern Italy as well as the consumer markets of the city of Naples and the surrounding region. 


The service has been developed by Hannibal in partnership with ISC – Interporto Servizi Cargo; active since September 14th, it will initially provide 3 weekly round trips departing Melzo Monday, Wednesday and Friday, strengthening Hannibal network of services for Southern Italy (see the following detailed table).

Beyond the domestic direct connection between Campania and Lombardia regions, customers using this new service will benefit further of Hannibal international services network, allowing them to receive and/or forward goods from and to the main destinations of North, Central and South Europe, like Rotterdam, Ludwigshafen, Frenkendorf, Cologne and Duisburg.

For contacts and commercial information:   info@contshipitalia-hannibal.it

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