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11 February 2020

Ravenna: all quay cranes optimizing MSC Celine’s stopover

TCR delivered a great operational performance, leveraging available Ship-To-Shores and containing the ship working time, thus enabling the shipping company to reduce its stay at the port


MSC Celine is a full container Panamanian flagged ship. 210 meters long and 32 meters wide, its load capacity is over 2,700 TEU. It is not a sea giant, but its importance for Italian trades is linked to its rotation and the goods it transports.

MSC Celine belongs indeed to MSC Line D, which connects the Adriatic Sea with Eastern Mediterranean. In details, these ships call Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, leading then again to the Italian side of the Adriatic Sea.

This route is particularly important for the transportation of fruit and vegetables and other fresh food products, which are cultivated in the warm climates of the South-Eastern Mediterranean basin.

Ravenna is the first Italian gateway port to be called by MSC Line D and it is the ideal gateway for fresh food product import. Ravenna benefits from a transit time from Egypt of only 3 days, thus making it possible for European markets to receive imported goods in a very short time. TCR is specialized in moving perishable goods and the team is highly experienced in optimizing unload and load operations, thus minimizing berthing time.




Four quay cranes simultaneously working on MSC Celine at Terminal Container Ravenna



Once MSC Celine had arrived at the port, the Terminal Container Ravenna team started to work on the ship, deploying the 4 available quay cranes and completing the planned 714 operations in less than 13 hours.

Alessandro Braschi, vessel operation manager, proudly commented: “Thanks to the synergy between terminal and vessel planner and with accurate planning, TCR and CLP teams managed ship operations working with four cranes simultaneously. This big commitment and high professionalism made it possible to meet the target to minimize berthing time and to provide the customer with an excellent operational performance.”


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