26 November 2018

People’s Republic of China Embassy delegation visits Contship Italia’s Medcenter hub in Gioia Tauro

The Chinese delegation visited Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) on November 23rd accompanied by the Vice-President of the Calabria Region


Lin Bin, Minister-Counsellor for Economy of the PRC Embassy, Mrs. Xu Yuhong and the Deputy Secretary of the Embassy, Vincenzo Tomini Foresta, visited the Contship Italia Terminal in Gioia Tauro last Friday, November 23rd.

The delegation was accompanied by Vice-President Mr. Francesco Russo, along with Giacomo Giovinazzo, General Director of the Department of Agricultural Resources and Giovanni Guido, a member of the President’s Communication Office.

After paying a visit to the Port Authority, the delegation headed to Medcenter Container Terminal with Mr. Saverio Spatafora, the Port Authority Secretary, where they were greeted by MCT’s Chief Financial Controller Antonio Orfanò. During the visit the delegation saw the current quay reinforcement operations that, together with the construction of the new Railway Hub, will expand MCT’s intermodal connectivity, supporting the flow of import and export cargo flows within the Italian supply-chain.

Medcenter Container Terminal has handled almost 800,000 TEUs with the People’s Republic of China within the last three years. In 2018 containers discharged from China are projected to exceed 2017 levels by 5%. The Contship Italia Terminal plays a fundamental role in connecting Italy with the Far East and currently handles two direct weekly services, operated by 2M.

In the picture, from left to right: Mr. Saverio Spatafora – Port Authority Secretary, Mr. Li Bin – Minicster-Counsellor for the Economy of the PRC Embassy, Mr. Antonio Orfanò – Chief Financial Officer MCT, Mr. Francesco Russo – Vice President of Calabria Region

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