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29 September 2016

New spreader at CICT: reduction of idle time and more specialized port operators

CICT - Cagliari International Container Terminal recently introduced the new Bromma STS 45 spreader: a high tech piece of equipment featuring an advanced human-machine interface.


From the hardware point of view, the new equipment is quite similar to the other spreaders used by the terminal and bought in 2006; substantial innovations lie in the software and in the human-machine interface (HMI): this new spreader comes with a SCS4 control system, featuring a color touch panel that fully interacts with the machine, displaying all the operational key data.

The new interface enables a precise control of the various functions of the spreader, such as opening and closing of the twist, expansion and retraction of the telescope, lifting and lowering of the flippers, and all the parts involved in lifting and lowering of the twin boxes.

Besides advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) features, the new control system and its user-friendly interface allow maintenance personnel to quickly address the most emerging issues and hardware malfunctions on the go, using the integrated diagnostic or with remote access to monitor and regulate the system, when necessary.

With this new hi-tech equipment, the CICT Terminal continues its technological improvement and at the same time provides even more quality and efficiency towards its clients!


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