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17 September 2015

New Cranes Delivering Improvements for LSCT

Chinese Industry supporting Italian Flair.


After some disappointing commissioning issues, the new 2 x 23 row cranes are delivering performance improvements. Deployed on Fornelli East Berth, the new units are regularly deployed on all ULCC Services calling at La Spezia on ship sizes ranging from 9,000 teu through to 14,000.

During one shift on September 15 13:00 hrs. – 19:00 hrs. the new cranes contributed to hourly performances of 106 mph – with a final all inclusive Gross Vessel Productivity on the complete ship of a “standard”  77.30 moves per hour.

With more 13,000 – 14,000 teu ships due to call at La Spezia during the remaining months of 2015, indeed the arrival of the new cranes provides a boost to overall efficiency levels achievable from the La Spezia System.


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