26 April 2016

Medcenter infrastructure continues to extend the boundaries

Medcenter Container Terminal, with its world class infrastructure, is called upon – once again – to enable the optimization of global shipping line network assets.


Operating ULCC ships of 14,000 TEUs and more, since 2009, the terminal has already and regularly operated ships at 15.50 meters actual draft, with a record of 15.80 m.

This record has now been easily surpassed with a ship departing on April 26th with a new record 16.15 meters.

Medcenter opened for business in September 1995 and was conceived by the vision and foresight of Contship Group’s revered founder “Dottore Angelo Ravano”, who foresaw the future deployment of huge container ships requiring massive port infrastructure. The terminal has evolved, and will further evolve, into a world class facility easily capable of operating the large container ships now deployed in the Mediterranean.


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