MCT - Infrastructure Improvements Progress Report | Contship | English April 2015
19 April 2015

MCT - Infrastructure Improvements Progress Report

ALL ships arriving and departing to and from MCT berths will shortly benefit from an improvement in the ease and safety of these manoeuvres. None more so than the deeper draft ULCC ships deployed by global shipping lines.

12,000, 14,000, 16,000 and now 18,000 TEUs ships are now regularly deployed in the main arterial West – East trade lanes, including the Mediterranean. Ships that regularly push the boundaries of a port’s infrastructure.

MCT has regularly operated laden ships at 15.50 m operational draft and now with the arrival of the dredger “Volvox Atalanta”, global shipping lines will take further comfort that the paramount issues of safe navigation for these mega-ships will improve as the dredger has quickly bedded down to its’ task, where after one month, some 60 per cent of dredging of the turning basin and entrance channel to the berths are now completed.

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