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2 March 2016

MCT: Contship mega-hub hosts a photographic workshop

On Saturday February 27th Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) hosted a photographic workshop organized by Bluocean, directed by Emiliano Mancuso and supported by National Geographic entitled “Paesaggi sensibili, visioni metropolitane” (“Sensitive landscapes, metropolitan visions”).


Participants visiting the “Mega Hub” attended an extensive training course in environmental and naturalistic photography. They were welcomed and looked after by MCT Safety & Security personnel and under their supervision, the photographers had the opportunity to get close to the operational area, climb on a Ship-to-Shore (STS) crane and see a container vessel approaching the quay.

“Container Terminals are more and more considered to be very interesting spots for such type of photographic workshops” said Pasquale Papalia, Customer Service Manager of MCT. “Photography is also one of my passions that I try to enjoy during any free time. In MCT, spaces and sizes are mega and people can feel the effect of globalization with Gioia Tauro playing such a key role in international trade. The huge number of containers moving through the terminal simply represents a ‘picture’ of the global economy, bringing people and markets closer. It was also a good opportunity to pass a few hours with our colleagues in the yard during the second shift of a sunny day in early spring”.

In the gallery you can find some pictures of this very special visit.


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