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6 December 2015

Maiden Calls continue

Contship Italia maritime terminals welcome new arrivals.


La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) and Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) leading the way with:

  • ULCC MSC Filippa – 366 meters in length and 12,600 TEUs in nominal capacity – was berthed at La Spezia on December 1st, deployed in the Asia Med string Dragon.
  • M/v Hamburg – 290 metres and 4,500 TEUs – called La Spezia on December 3rd and Gioia Tauro on December 5th, deployed in the Australia Express service.
  • M/v Conti Paris – 300 meters and 6,450 TEUs – called Gioia Tauro on December 1st and La Spezia on the 6th, deployed in the Med-US trade lane service Medusec.

LSCT planning team members Francesco Marasso, Gianni Scapparone, Simone Affanni and Diego Leone from MCT took care of greeting the new arrivals, presenting the ship crews with the customized crest as a memento for the maiden calls in La Spezia and Gioia Tauro. In the pictures Captain Igor Cerkov and Chief Officer Mircea Iliescu of MSC Filippa; Kounadis Eirinaios, Captain of Hamburg, Captain Robert Kuschmirz and Chief Officer Stanislaus Baska of Conti Paris.


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