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16 August 2016

Maiden call at CICT on a very special day

NYK’s 6,900 TEUs container ship m/v Mary makes her first call at the Contship Group’s hub-port in Sardinia, on Ferragosto.


At 09:25 in the morning sunshine on 15th August, 2016 the 71,000 ton ship berthed at CICT; this was the maiden call of the Mary, operated by NYK and deployed in the Asia Suez Express service (AZX), connecting South East Asia with the Sardinian hub-port, Canada and the United States east coast.

August 15th is when Roman Catholics celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, however, it was a holiday in Italy long before it took on a religious significance. Ferragosto, the Italian name for the holiday, comes from the Latin Feriae Augusti (the festivals of the Emperor Augustus) introduced in 18BC. Today, the holiday combines both its ancient Roman and Catholic roots and also marks the semi-official start of Italy's summer holiday season.

So it certainly was a Ferragosto day to remember for CICT Vessel Planner, Christian Marras when he presented the traditional crest to Captain Vyacheslav Kartavtsev. Upon completion of operations the ship sailed on time, bound to Canada.


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