16 December 2015

The Macedonian authority in charge of phytosanitary controls visits TCR

The efficiency of the phytopathological control system of the port of Ravenna strikes the interest of the Macedonian authorities in charge of health & safety controls.


The port of Ravenna, thanks to a close collaboration between private and public institutions, developed a working system based on shared practices and procedures that enable the performance of mandatory goods inspections in a coordinated and very fast way.

TCR - Terminal Container Ravenna provides in fact, within terminal premises, adequate infrastructures to perform sanitary controls, enabling the execution of inspections within 24 hours from request, and offering the possibility to transfer, directly after discharge, the containers that are subject to pre-clearing procedures to dedicated inspection areas.

The “Ravenna System” awakened the interest of the Macedonian authority in charge of phytosanitary controls: Thursday December 3rd a delegation of executives and inspectors from the Macedonian Phytosanitary Service, together with technicians from the phytopatology unit of Ravenna and Bologna, visited TCR structures.

During the visit, Dr. Solmi, head of the phytopatology unit of Ravenna, together with TCR operations manager Alessandro Battolini, showcased the organization of the local phytosanitary unit, proving how, in full compliance with the national regulations on the matter, the controls on the goods arriving in the port of Ravenna are performed by TCR through a synergic and coordinated approach, in order to minimize the time necessary for inspections and to concentrate the activity of the different authorities involved in a single time-frame, already applying de facto the “Single Window” concept.


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