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23 June 2015

Latest phase in/out operation carried out at CICT

CICT welcomes the maiden call of Hapag Lloyd Stadt Dresden on the MCA service.


In the afternoon of Saturday June 20th Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) welcomed the maiden call of the m/v Stadt Dresden, a 221.72 meters long ship with a nominal capacity of 2,742 TEUs, deployed by German operator HAPAG LLOYD on its MCA (Mediterranean Canada service), a string connecting Spain, Italy and France with the port of Montreal on a weekly basis. The m/v Stadt Dresden has replaced the m/v Heidelberg Express, whose phase out operations were managed in Cagliari on June 19th.

This is the first phase in/out operation performed in Cagliari this year on the MCA, following other operations performed on the MGX and LEX services. This brings to nine the yearly number of Phase in/out operations carried out at CICT, thus confirming the confidence that HAPAG LLOYD has in CICT’s reliability when such kind of operations have to be performed.

The m/v Stadt Dresden, as it is common for CICT, was berthed immediately upon arrival and, after loading a total of 563 containers and handling 56 hatch covers, sailed eastbound on the evening of June 20th. Whilst operations were being carried out, as it is custom for this kind of occurrence, a brief ceremony was held on bridge to celebrate m/v Stadt Dresden maiden call in Cagliari. CICT vessel planner, Maria Francesca Zuddas, hosted the event as he handed over to Captain Kalchev Borislav Todorov, the celebrative crest.


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