5 May 2015

La Spezia System: new monthly record performance!

Customer demand continues strongly with the La Spezia System accepting the challenge with a monthly record of 107,619 TEUs for April 2015. Quayside volume, rail, truck activity all performed strongly, achieving an overall year on year growth of some 21%.


Customer schedule reliability contributed positively to the enable a new record now established, with substantial improvements and even if some challenges remain, a special thanks to each and every one of our valued customers in making this vital contribution.

Michael Cashman, Contship Italia Group Service Unit, Commercial Director for maritime terminals comments: ”this has been a team effort and confirms that teamwork generates its own rewards. The team naturally extends to include our customers, the very reason that we exist to serve. The first four months of the year has provided a number of challenges with demand continuing to be strong. During April, three quay cranes were moved around the terminal, with little, if any disturbance to service levels. Hopefully this can be seen as a compensation for the short term inconvenience during late March. All ships arriving on April 30th have been completed overnight, for May 1st and even on this non-working holiday the terminal has again gone the extra mile in deploying voluntary labor to work a ship to ensure that the wheels of global commerce continue to turn on what is widely known throughout the world as a non-working holiday”.

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