31 October 2016

La Spezia System continues Maiden Calls operated by Korean Global Shipping Partner

October 28th witnessed the on time and first time arrival of the “Hyundai Speed”, the latest in a series of 13,000 teu ULCCs’ involved in a maiden call following three previous occasions in the single month of October when the La Spezia System continued to ensure its leading and strategically important relationship with Korean based global shipping partners – this time Hyundai Merchant Marine.


Michael Cashman, Group Commercial Director Marine Terminals, enthused “…the “Speed” really has lived up to its name, with this ship call both arriving and departing 100 % on time!  This is a very positive development for supply chains using La Spezia. Having four Korean operated ships in a single month enables the La Spezia System to continue with a relationship that first commenced in 1992. Much has changed in a quarter of a century, and it is satisfying to be able to continue to serve global shipping lines and supply chains, particularly during periods of change, where La Spezia has demonstrated its resilience in responding to the on-going challenges to keep supply chains running efficiently. …”


A record of La Spezia System maiden calls for the month of October 2016 –



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