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26 January 2016

La Spezia maiden call - Sealand New York

LSCT maiden call for the m/v Sealand New York on the TA6/Medgulf loop.


On January 26th 2016 La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) saluted the maiden call of the m/v Sealand New York, 6,252 TEUs of capacity deployed by Maersk Line in the jointly run TA6 service, otherwise known as Medgulf.

As the ship was being operated alongside Fornelli West berth, following tradition young LSCT planner Simone Affanni went on deck to present captain Oleksiy Koshkul and chief officer Igor Chernyshov with the customized crest, a memento for the maiden call at La Spezia.

M/v Sealand New York sailed the same day, continuing her voyage.


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