18 March 2017

Instructor’s training at LSCT

La Spezia: a specially designed training course for LSCT instructors.


We start this course with a brief motivational speech by Mr Franco Nicola Cupolo, Contship Managing Director – Operations & Sales to the team of instructors who are preparing to acquire the skills and know-how necessary to in turn teach and train their colleagues.

Class hours will be divided into three macro-modules: communications in teaching, planning and deployment of training sessions and specific equipment-related training, making a total of 40 class hours.

LSCT believes that in-house training of trainers, who are selected by the company from our employees because they possess specific skills, plays a fundamental role in preparing the trainees in handling operational activities as well as teaching know-how, best practices and passing on the experience gained from working in this field.

This is a new opportunity to confirm Contship’s commitment to the training of its employees, its fundamental asset and a strategic part of the sustainability of the business in the medium to long term.

The training programme involving 50 trainers started earlier this month in March, and will continue until the end of May.



Buon lavoro!

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