9 June 2017

Hannibal continues to offer intermodal connectivity to short sea service to/from Turkey

Hannibal, in partnership with Alpe Adria, is launching a new intermodal service between Melzo (Milan) and Trieste, which will provide access to Turkey, through maritime connections to and from Trieste.


The rail service provides three weekly circulations; the first departures are scheduled for Monday June 12th (from Trieste to Melzo) and Tuesday June 13th (from Melzo to Trieste).

Hannibal continues to provide intermodal services supporting the connectivity to and from the Turkish market; besides the Melzo-Trieste service, daily intermodal connections, in partnership with Five Logistics, are available between Melzo and Bari (port), where customers can find two weekly maritime services to Pendik.


The Hannibal team is available for any inquiry: sales@contshipitalia-hannibal.it .

You can also use the Connectivity Tool to check out RHM rail connectivity: 

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