22 January 2018

Focusing on safety: La Spezia's new 'smart' cameras up and running

La Spezia Container Terminal has increased its levels of safety to new standards following the recent installation of the first two Blaxtair smart cameras, fitted on the back of one of the terminal’s forklifts.


The cameras, supplied by longtime partner CLS S.p.A. and branded Blaxtair – a company specialized in the provision of proximity warning systems for a safe working environment – are capable of detecting whether a person or an object stand in the rear path (detection zone) of the forklift while the machine is either halted or, worse, reversing. Its sensors constantly scan and analyze the detection zone, using sophisticated algorithms and 3D technology, keeping the driver informed through a monitor of the presence of anything in his way. In addition to the monitor, there is also an acoustic warning which is issued upon detection of both a person or an object.



The installation follows a trial period during which cameras were tested and customized to fit LSCT personnel’s needs. The two devices are part of an order of five units which will be completed in the short term. Ermanno Gianelli, head of the QHSE department of LSCT, comments: “Whereas the primary reason for installing the cameras is to constantly improve the safety conditions of our teams at work in the yard, the devices also provide for an additional support in avoiding the risk of bumping into the cargo stored in our warehouse or any other machine operating inside the premises. The forklift in question is in fact deployed at our general cargo warehouse where value added services are provided to our customers. Marble blocks, steel rods, coils and all sorts of products are stored there and the risk of colliding with them while the machine is reversing is greatly mitigated through this innovative safety system


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