16 February 2016

First RMG crane arrives at RHM – Rail Hub Milano

During the late afternoon sunshine of Monday, February 8th the first of two new RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry) cranes specifically designed and built by Austrian company Kuenz for Rail Hub Milano (RHM) were delivered in Melzo.


The main components arrived painted bright pink just like the Hannibal trucks and Oceanogate locomotives and the Kuenz experts have been working closely with the RHM technical team to prepare for assembly which took place just one week later.

The new equipment is part of an investment of €40 million by Contship Italia Group that will enhance its intermodal logistic platform in Milano. Once assembled and testing is completed the RMG’s will then be ready to operate trains along the new 4 x 750m long rail tracks.

The internal movement of trucks as well as cargo loading operations will be improved thanks to the upgrade that will speed up the flow of cargo, for the ultimate benefit of our valued customers and the efficiency of their supply chain.

Check Contship news during the following weeks to receive updates about the arrival of the second crane and the progress of this major development in Melzo, your link to Europe! 


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