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5 June 2019

Contship and SRM bring together logistics stakeholders with two focus groups

On Monday May 13th and 27th, Contship and SRM brought together two panels made up of supply chain professionals, consultants, logistics operators and cargo owners. The aim of the panels was to foster a debate on the recently published report on the efficiency of logistics corridors, as perceived by more than 400 manufacturing companies from Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.


The scope of the focus groups was to share insights, data and the methodology of the analysis in order to collect valuable feedbacks from participants to evolve and improve the next edition of the survey. The comments obtained could be grouped in two macro-areas: observations involving the variables explored in the survey and the construction of the QLI2 index, and recommendations regarding the companies interviewed.

Freight forwarders showed to be particularly interested in the data regarding the choice of INCOTERMS, and in the possibility of correlating these choices with the company size, industrial sector, and market of reference (B2B vs B2C). Cargo owners, on the other hand, were more interested in understanding the motivations that determined the preferences expressed by the companies involved in the survey.





The opportunities identified will allow for a fine tuning of the questionnaire used to engage the survey panel, and a further clusterization of data; these improvements will be useful to identify subtle trends and differences between the various types of companies examined, in order to gain even better insights and actionable conclusions that can be featured on the next report.

The vision shared with partners engaged in the discussion, and the long-term goal of this project, is to add a further layer to the analysis, providing clearer indications to orient action and to focus future investments. For cargo owners, this translates in a better understanding of logistics opportunities and best practices. For freight forwarders and logistics operators, it turns into a better understanding of market expectations and most urgent needs.

The ambition is to progressively engage public institutions and policy-makers, providing them with meaningful and actionable insights, to drive their choices towards the goals and the priorities expressed by the market and the main logistics shareholders.



You can download the report clicking on the image below



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