10 February 2016

CICT: Seeing the light for a brighter future! Contship Group “EEE” solutions continue

A major revamping of lighting systems for the entire Terminal is now approaching its final phase at CICT - Cagliari International Container Terminal.


This investment, first of its kind in Italy, commenced in October 2015 (Installation) now consists of complete replacement of all lighting units with new generation LEDs – Quay cranes, RTGs, Yard, ALL buildings.

As well as providing improved safety and efficiency, this upgrade to new technology enables CICT to continue with the Contship policy in ensuring that there is a choice, for life, in the future by the decisions taken today. 

CICT will now join the many Contship Group businesses in providing a positive contribution to the environment for future generations in achieving a reduction of some 40% in its’ energy use required by lighting systems as well as material reductions in CO2 emissions.


An ecofriendly and safer service to our valued customers!


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