3 April 2020

Webinar - Presentation of the 2020 edition of the SRM-Contship report on logistics corridors

Contship and SRM presented online, on Thursday, April 16th, the second edition of the report on the efficiency of Northern Italy logistics corridors.


The Contship Italia Group, in partnership with SRM - Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno, presented the new edition of the Report "Corridors and logistics efficiency of territories".

Due to the restrictions introduced to contain the COVID-19 epidemics, the presentation of the new edition of the report has been held online, through a webinar, which allowed the public to follow live and participate in the event, interacting with the panel, composed by Alessandro Panaro and Dario Ruggiero, respectively Head of and Researcher Maritime & Mediterranean Economy of SRM, and Daniele Testi, Marketing and Communication Director of Contship Italia, who partnered with SRM to develop this project.



Iscrizione Webinar SRM-Contship presentazione studio corridoi logistici 2020

Click on the preview to watch the video of the webinar (Italian language).



During the webinar, the panel discussed the methodological approach of the survey, which saw the participation of over 400 manufacturing companies from Lombardy, Veneto, and Emilia-Romagna, and analyzed their logistics preferences in the use of gateway ports and inland transport modalities, as well as the main trends emerging from the report and the novelties of the 2020 edition of the survey.

The ambition of this project, now in its second edition (HERE you can download the 2019 edition of the report in English) is to offer a permanent observatory to provide shippers and receivers with an updated picture of the logistics opportunities and best practices available for imports and exports through the main logistics corridors of Northern Italy, freight forwarders and logistics operators with an in-depth analysis of the expectations and needs of their customers, and public institutions and decision-makers with relevant insights, useful to guide strategic decisions towards the goals and the priorities expressed by the market and the main stakeholders of the logistics sector. The full report is available online, starting from April 16th.


To watch the video of the webinar, which has been held (in Italian), visit the following page:


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