15 June 2016

Visita al porto di Gioia Tauro per China Communication Construction Company

MCT Gioia Tauro welcomes China Communication Construction Company delegation.


On Monday 13th June, Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), Contship’s Mega-Hub in Gioia Tauro, welcomed a delegation of managers from China Communication Construction Company - CCCC, a group leader in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, dredging and heavy machinery manufacturing business http://en.ccccltd.cn/. CCCC has independently designed and constructed seven of the world’s top 10 ports in terms of handling capacity. Taking the 165th place ranking on the prestigious list Fortune 500, with over 170,000 employees, CCCC is actively involved in the "One Belt One Road" project, also known as the New Silk Road: China's strategic approach to improve the network and the cooperation between Eurasian countries.

The managers visited, for the first time, the terminal in Gioia Tauro, accompanied by Daniele Testi (Marketing & Communication Director for Contship Italia Group), Antonio Testi (Executive Assistant of Contship Italia Group President) and Pasquale Papalia (Head of Customer Service in MCT).

The visit has been a good opportunity for the guests to directly assess the size of the port infrastructure and to evaluate the great potential of the port, perfectly capable of managing large-scale transhipment operations, and presenting considerable development opportunities related to domestic container flows and other value added services which could benefit from the new rail gateway and floating dock development projects.

Following the truly positive feedbacks of the Chinese delegation, especially as to the port’s capacity in terms of space, size and quay length, Daniele Testi commented: “This visit is one of the continuous activities that Contship is committed to conduct to raise, worldwide, more awareness about the performances, capabilities and strengths of MCT and the Port of Gioia Tauro ”.

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