21 March 2016

Un servizio di eccellenza grazie al Team CICT

A company is made up of people and its success is the result of those people”. The words of Contship founder, Angelo Ravano, continue today to inspire the Group and its business units in nurturing the value of its employees, recognizing the central role of the human factor as the key asset for success and competitive advantage for its customers.


For the third consecutive year CICT – Cagliari International Container Terminal – has awarded the top 10 of its crane drivers (5 quay crane operators and 5 RTG crane operators) who have distinguished themselves with the best performances of 2015. Introduced to the public with a virtual tour (see link at the bottom of the page), the operational team, together with all other members of the CICT family, ensures ongoing high-end levels of performance to customers, delivering a fast and reliable service to global supply chains involved with the Sardinian hub and contributing to the integrity and efficiency of customer networks (i.e. Just-in-time connections), crucial in the fast-paced shipping business.   

The group, consisting of RTG drivers Massimiliano Cabras, Roberto Coghe, Roberto Marongiu, Massimo Peara and Michele Uras and Quay Cranes operators Giovanni Lecca, Alessandro Loddo, Raffaele Loddo, Andrea Melis and Stefano Putzolu, was received and complimented by CICT Operations Manager Andrea Cervia, Operations Coordinator Davide Brugnano, Human Resources Manager Andrea Scarone and Managing Director Franco Cupolo, who commented: “This is just another way to acknowledge the team’s contribution to the positive operational results at the terminal. Besides the recognition of top performing employees, here at CICT we always put particular emphasis on teamwork and promote each member’s effort to enhance – continuously – the quality standards for both safety and productivity, backed by a wide-ranging program focusing on training, control and implementation of new procedures, with the ultimate goal of delivering the best possible service to our valued customers”.


For those interested to meet directly the Crane and RTG drivers, as well as the complete CICT Team, please follow the link to discover the CICT Team.

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