11 January 2016

Un nuovo viaggio inaugurale della Maersk Line a Medcenter apre la strada ad un doppia celebrazione per i terminal Contship

M/v Northern Monument maiden call at MCT and LSCT on Medusec TA5 service.


Winter time in the northern hemisphere brings deteriorating weather conditions through which the introduction of the containership “Northern Monument” had to endure as it was introduced into the MED-USEC trades in Contship terminals.

In spite of extremely unseasonal weather conditions, Capt. Dietmar Shottowski, expertly led his crew to perform a maiden call in Medcenter, Gioia Tauro, on January 6th, quickly followed by a “double” maiden in La Spezia on January 11th.

Both Contship terminals provided solid support to customer network reliability, as the ship, 300m LOA, weighing in at a summer deadweight of 85,910 k/tonnes successfully prevailed against inclement weather, at a time when the record high wind speed ever recorded in Italy at 149 miles per hour was being experienced near the coast.

In photo Captain Dietmar Schottowski is presented with the customized crest by LSCT planner Simone Canata, a memento of Northern Monument maiden call at a “windy” La Spezia.


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