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30 January 2015

Un nuovo record italiano per i Terminal del Gruppo Contship

January 30th 2015 will be remembered as another special day, to be recorded in the history of Contship Italia Group, with the arrival of the largest ever ship at its flagship Hub, in the port of Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria, Italy. Weighing at 184,100 deadweight tonnes, and with a nominal capacity in excess of 16.650 TEUs the MSC London was berth safely on arrival at 12.00 hrs.

The latest behemoth, operated by Mediterranean Shipping Co. S.A., was delivered during the latter part of 2014 from the STX Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., South Korea, and embraces the latest technological advances of the very latest modern, fuel efficient, eco-friendly containerships afloat.

MSC London, by a significant margin, tested the infrastructure of Medcenter Container Terminal being the longest, widest, deepest, highest ship ever operated in ITALY. A test that Medcenter past with ease, setting the scene for another Contship Italia Group terminal, La Spezia Container Terminal, where the MSC London is scheduled to arrive, by the end of the next week. Deployed in the Dragon Service, connecting Asia with Italian and other Mediterranean markets, the MSC London has been handled through 4.659 moves, performed using up to 6 gantry cranes simultaneously.

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, Contship Italia Group President enthuses “…being just the other day in Gioia Tauro for an event to remind us all of our founder, Dott. Angelo Ravano, a man, a person from a humble background, but emerging in our industry as a beacon of light, vision and foresight, now celebrating its 20th year of operations, “Il Dottore” will view MCT, today with extreme satisfaction. His vision continues to support global supply chains. MCT has evolved and is now is comparable with its global peers, in terms of infrastructure long since capable of operating the largest containerships deployed by global shipping lines. Our Group is privileged to have the patronage of eighteen of the world’s top twenty shipping lines calling at our terminals in Italy. In meeting the ever increasing demands, our team continue to respond to the challenges, supported by our partners in Italy, the regions where they are located, together with the substantial investments of the company, representing more than eight hundred million euros, with more to come".

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